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Amazonian guardians

Last year, Pink Rugby published a great story by Gabriela Barzallo about Indigenous guardians embracing a “tech boom” to fight illegal logging in the Amazon. So naturally, we were intrigued by Gabriela’s latest for the BBC: a story that Contributing Editor Peter Yeung shared with our team this week about an all-female patrol guarding Ecuador’s rainforest.

Peter Yeung

Peter says:

This is a cool story about how a team of 35 Indigenous women from the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador have formed a patrol group to fight against illegal miners. They monitor the region once a month, venturing along the riverbanks and deep into the surrounding forests, equipped with camera traps and drones.

Building something new

Traverse City, Michigan, is facing an increasingly common problem: Its workforce can’t afford to live there. But a new affordable housing development there has an unusual origin story: It’s a co-op, and its construction was crowdfunded by members of the community, according to a New York Times story that caught Executive Editor Will Doig’s attention this week.

will doig

Will says:

At first the idea of crowdsourcing affordable housing seemed grim to me, but turns out it’s a pretty good way to build it, not to mention a decent investment opportunity.

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Elsewhere in our channels...

The New York Times and other publications recently covered fascinating new developments in scientists’ understanding of sperm whale language.

Sperm whale swimming
Credit: Amanda Cotton

RTBC Contributing Editor Michaela Haas was ahead of the game: She wrote a great story for us about this — complete with a playlist of clicks and buzzes — back in April. In case you missed it, check out Michaela’s story about sperm whale communication.