This podcast was produced by Next City and is posted here with permission.

In this episode of the podcast, Next City Executive Director Lucas Grindley talks with reporter Maylin Tu about her reporting on Metro Micro in Los Angeles, where the door-to-door shuttle service had a viral moment among social media users bewildered by the $1 price tag and app-based request system.

We also meet Rani Narula-Woods, the creator of Metro Micro and senior director of special projects with LA Metro. She’s making the case for expanding the pilot to answer exploding demand for the service.

“We began by looking at why companies such as Uber and Lyft were so attractive in their offerings, and what it was that they focused on in terms of customer experience, and how could we be able to compare to that?” said Narula-Woods. “What things were we doing right? What things could we improve on? And ultimately how do we make this a service that someone loves, and it becomes one of their first options when they think about how they want to travel?”

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