Build Better

Stories about innovations in construction that will help decarbonize cities.

Stories about innovations in construction that will help decarbonize cities.

Don't Demolish That House — ‘Deconstruct' It!

3 min read

Instead of tearing down houses, a local business in Minneapolis picks them apart and resells the material, reducing waste and creating jobs.

The Slum-Inspired Apartment Complex Designed by Its Own Residents

6 min read

In Jakarta, a building for evicted slum-dwellers has alcoves for hawking goods, stairs designed for cross-floor conversation and gardens to grow your own food.

The Woman Who Brought Dirt to Harvard

7 min read

Architecture pioneer Anna Heringer takes sustainable construction to a new — old — level, building with the earth beneath her feet.

For the Housing Market's Greenest Buyers, ‘Earthships' Are Taking Off

10 min read

Long dismissed as hippie havens, off-grid communities are getting a fresh look as wasteful construction practices come under scrutiny.

For More Sustainable Affordable Housing, Just Add Mushrooms

7 min read

Architect David Benjamin is bringing his biology-inspired recipe for construction materials to an affordable housing project in Oakland, California.

‘The Green Steel of the 21st Century'

4 min read

Cheap, strong and plentiful, bamboo has been used in Hong Kong for ages as an ultra-sustainable building material. Other countries are catching on.

A Notorious Invasive Plant Shows Promise in Green Construction

4 min read

Imported from Japan in 1876, kudzu strangles forests and farmland throughout the South. Could it build cities instead?

A Better Way to Build

2 min read

In our new ongoing series, Build Better, we explore how advancements in construction are leading the way toward decarbonized cities.

A Building Material That Consumes CO2 Has Finally Come to the US

5 min read

A false association with drugs that banned ‘hempcrete' from the US residential building code has been lifted, paving the way for widespread use.

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