Marcello Rossi

Marcello Rossi is a freelance journalist focusing on the environment, climate and science. His articles have been published internationally in outlets like National Geographic, The Economist, The Guardian, BBC Future, Al Jazeera English, Nature Climate Change, Reuters, Smithsonian, POLITICO Europe, Wired UK, and many others.

Planting Trees and Equity in the Arizona Desert

5 min read

As Tucson gets hotter and hotter, creating more shade in its most vulnerable neighborhoods is making a vital difference.

Conservationists Are Saving America's Prairies by Selling Them Off

5 min read

In an unlikely collaboration, Oregon conservationists are selling grasslands to cattlemen on one condition: they keep it pristine forever.

Pakistan's Mangroves Are a Coastal Conservation Marvel

5 min read

A far-reaching reforestation effort has dramatically turned the tide for a waterborne climate change warrior.

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