Women of Rugby

Welcome to the new section dedicated to the Women of Rugby.  Here you will find profiles of the fans, players and those who work in the game.  If you are interested in being profiled, please do get in touch.


The Players

Rugby Player Amanda Singh

Rugby Player: Amanda Singh


Rugby Player Hazel Tubic

Rugby Player: Hazel Tubic


Muteremoana Aiatu

Rugby Player: Muteremoana Aiatu


Sammy Palmer rugby player headshot

Rugby Player: Sammy Palmer

Ellia Green at 7s training

Rugby Player: Ellia Green


The Employees

Rugby Employee Kate Nokwe

Rugby Employee: Kate Nokwe


Lisa Hack from the Lions

Rugby Employee: Lisa


RUPA Rugby Employee Rosemary Towner

Rugby Employee: Rosemary Towner


The Fans

Rugby Fan Ann-Maree

Rugby Fan: Ann-Maree


Rugby Fan Elana with Rob Simmons

Rugby Fan: Elana


Rugby Fan Erin

Rugby Fan: Erin


Rugby Fan Erin S

Rugby Fan: Erin S

Rugby Fan Haylana

Rugby Fan: Haylana

Rugby Fan Lauren

Rugby Fan: Lauren

Rugby Fan Rachel

Rugby Fan: Rachel

Rugby Fan Sarah S

Rugby Fan: Sarah S