Bourgoin Rugby Twitter Profiles

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Here is a comprehensive list of Bourgoin rugby players currently on Twitter. If you know of any other players who have joined Twitter since this list was published please let us know by tweeting us @PinkRugbyOnline.



Offical Club Twitter@CSBJ_Officiel.

Alexander Peclier
Arthur Joly
Big Julien
Bogdan Leonte
Cecil John Kemp
Christophe Andre
Cristian Ruben Spachuk
Erwan Iapteff
Fabien Perrin
Fabio Da Silva
Forest Anthony
Franck Montanella
Grégory Puyo
James Wilson
Jeremy Gondrand
Jérémy Guillot
Jooste Wessel
Leander Cotte
Manu Filipe
Merle Jordan
Mohammed Kribache
Moinot Mael
Neil Briggs
Pelo Vincent
Pierre Saby
Randall Kamea
Remy Bouet
Rhys Oakley
Sola Romain
Sore Benjamin
Thomas Vervoort
Veratau Henari
Walter Argoud