The importance of Mad Monday

Rugby Mad Monday Drinks

The end of season means many things, it also means the end of season drinking session for all the players in the squad. Depending on the players, this is attacked with different levels of preparation and seriousness. In his younger days, The Viking was involved in elaborate fancy dress, never end pub crawls and the […]

A battle of the fittest?

WAGS and weight issues

I recently read an article by a blogger and tweeter called @thesecretwag who is the wife of a “top-level, high profile footballer” about the pressure she feels to be thin. It got me thinking about whether I feel compelled to be thin because of being hitched to The Viking. My immediate reaction was no, but […]

I am a Wife with a capital W


I am a Wife with a capital W; married to a professional rugby player (The Viking) who has spent 10 years in the English Premiership.  Together we have The Dudes our two wrestling, rugby loving boys.  Some people may think that being married to a Premiership rugby player is pretty glamorous, it is in fact, […]