The perfect rugby animal

rugby fitness

Rugby is a unique game in which players of all physical shapes and sizes are able to participate across all levels. So there is not a single ‘Perfect Rugby Animal’, but different depending on your position. This article is an in depth look at professional Rugby athlete characteristics by position – including body proportions and […]

The Call of the Wallaby (Episode 5)

Call of the Wallaby Ep 5

Here is episode 5 of  Fox Sports ‘The Call of the Wallaby’ for your viewing pleasure.        

The Call of the Wallaby (Episode 4)

Izzy Folau - Wallabies

Here episode 4 of  Fox Sports ‘The Call of the Wallaby’ for your viewing pleasure.            

The Call of the Wallaby (Episode 3)

1999 Wallabies celebrate their RWC win

Here is the third episode of  Fox Sports ‘The Call of the Wallaby’ for your viewing pleasure.        

The best team won

Waratahs celebrate winning 2014 Super Rugby title

I had hoped that when it came time to do my Super Rugby final write-up, I would be able to boast about my mighty Crusaders lifting the trophy.   Alas, it was not meant to be… and I had a feeling that would be the case. Throughout the entire season there was one team that performed […]

The Call of the Wallaby (Episode 2)

Call of the Wallaby episode 2

Here is the second episode of  Fox Sports ‘The Call of the Wallaby’ for your viewing pleasure.        

Don’t tell me I should support the Waratahs!

Waratahs celebrate a try

After the predicted became reality on Saturday night and it was confirmed that the Waratahs would host the Crusaders in the Super Rugby final for 2014 an interesting, and not unusual, phenomenon started, both in my text messages and social media timeline: a call to arms that I, as an Australian, should support the Waratahs, […]

The Call of the Wallaby (Episode 1)

The Call of the Wallaby (Episode 1)

For all the fans out there who don’t subscribe to Fox Sports (for whatever reason), the first episode of ‘The Call of the Wallaby’ is now available for your viewing pleasure below.  The series follows Fox Sports’ Sean Maloney and Andrew Swain as they discover what it means to be a Wallabies supporter.   Great work on […]

I’m no hypocrite

Greater Sydney Rams tweet_Tom Hill

Last night I got accused of being a hypocrite. What caused this libellous accusation? A picture I re-tweeted. Now I ask you, what is wrong with this picture? Nothing, I say. A young bloke presenting the kit for one of the new National Rugby Championship (NRC) teams, The Greater Sydney Rams. Is it my fault […]

Steffon Armitage should be included

Steffon Armitage

The clamour for Steffon Armitage to be included on the second plane down to New Zealand appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Many of the media pundits endorse the decision – citing the risk that many of England’s key players will migrate to France knowing that a precedent has been set if Steffon is […]