Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 10

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A Full House I suppose the law of averages said it had to happen at some point – I managed to get all 6 predictions right in my preview of last weekend’s Aviva Premiership games. Having said that several of the games were very different from what I had expected – with some much closer […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 10

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Tis the Season It’s back to the Premiership this week – with further speculation that next season it might be an Anglo-Welsh league with the four regions joining the English clubs. That’s for the future for now we are looking at some interesting match ups at the weekend. The Sharks entertain London Irish on Friday […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 9

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Five out of Six ain’t Bad I thought I’d made a pretty aggressive call with my predictions this week – going for 3 away wins (four if you count the Australia game at Cardiff). In fact I was being conservative (with an Infinitesimally small c) – there ended up being an almost unheard of 4 […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 8

Leicester Tigers v London Irish

  Back to the Day Job England have finished their autumn games and the players have returned to their day jobs in the Premiership. Northampton, Saracens and in particular Leicester – who have been beset by injuries – will be delighted to have them back. In the interim the clubs had one Premiership game without […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 7

Saracens v Newcastle Falcons

Up, Up and Away! We have a saying – ‘you wait ages for a bus then 4 come along at once!’ Well that was just what it was like over the weekend in the Premiership – after last week’s 6 home wins and my assertion that winning on the road is very tough in this […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 7

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No Gaps after all! The Premiership is even harder than usual to call this week with the autumn internationals upon us, starting at Twickenham on Saturday when England greet the Wallabies. In addition many of the Welsh and Scots will be away preparing for their games that start the following week .I had originally thought […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 6

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Trouble on the Road! Well, you can’t say I didn’t tell you! I know I keep banging on about how hard it is to win on the road in the Premiership but still try and pick some away wins. Well I did no better this week with my prediction of three teams that would do […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 6

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Speaking English After the drama of the Heineken over the last two weeks we return this weekend to the English Premiership and some intriguing matches. Alongside injury problems the clubs now have to deal with the absence of players during this week’s preparations for the autumn internationals. There’s a break during the games against Australia, […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 5

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The Icarus Moment Last week I managed to get all 8 of my predictions right – I know not half as surprised as I was! I was flying high as Cassandra and to pursue the Greek analogy this week I flew too close to the sun and fell like Icarus! What a come down – […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 5

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Home Truths There are some tough calls this week and I am tempted to go for 4 home wins (and just 2 x aways) to be on the safe side with my predictions. But to hell with playing safe (as Liberace might have said) I’m going to stick my neck out (so to speak) and […]