Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 6

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Speaking English After the drama of the Heineken over the last two weeks we return this weekend to the English Premiership and some intriguing matches. Alongside injury problems the clubs now have to deal with the absence of players during this week’s preparations for the autumn internationals. There’s a break during the games against Australia, […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 5

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Home Truths There are some tough calls this week and I am tempted to go for 4 home wins (and just 2 x aways) to be on the safe side with my predictions. But to hell with playing safe (as Liberace might have said) I’m going to stick my neck out (so to speak) and […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 4

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My Cassandra Complex In Greek mythology Cassandra was given the gift of being able to foretell the future but doomed never to be believed! Well, I can hardly believe it myself but in my preview column for this week I predicted the results for 8 matches (6 in the Aviva Premiership plus the two Rugby […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 4

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Past Simple, Future Perfect “Study the past, if you would divine the future.”  Confucius Wise words – but what does a dead Chinese bloke know about rugby? Even less than me I imagine. He lived at a time when they even counted the wrong way – (551 – 479 BC) – which was a bit […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 3

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Close Encounters Much like last week my predictions for the weekend just gone was a bit of a dog’s breakfast! Once again I got just 50% correct, which sounds marginally better than 3 out of 6. The three I managed to get right all ended up as try bonus point wins, whereas my errors each […]

Aviva Premiership Predictions: Rd 3

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Hard Times A difficult series of matches in R3 this week. Hard to call and a Dickens of a job to get right! I wasn’t on the money in round two and it’s quite possible I could be worse this week (just to endorse how little I obviously know!) The games are as follows – […]

Aviva Premiership Review: Rd 2

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Near Miss When two planes get close to each other it’s termed as a near miss by the aviation authorities – personally I’ve always thought it would be better described as a near hit. Well I had some near hits (3), 2 near misses and one direct hit this week. It was a case of […]

Aviva Premiership – the story so far

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This season’s Aviva premiership has seen quite a few intriguing ups and downs.  With the inclusion of the IRB Rugby World Cup, a few of the big boys started the season with quite a few big guns missing from their squad some teams struggled, while some teams heavily profited. Those teams lacking their top boys […]

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Are you passionate about rugby and your team? Do you want to write about it?  Pink Rugby is now looking for writers to start contributing immediately. We are looking for people to cover the following; (If you are intersted in writing for something that has already been taken, please still get in touch as we […]