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Beginning of an error

Southern Kings

Sport, like life should be simple.  There are rules and we play by these rules, achieving outcomes based on our abilities, playing the game fair and square.  See what I mean!  Simple.  But perhaps that is just my naive way of looking at things. After all, where humans are involved, there is room (sometimes too […]

South African crowds have gone too far

Sprinbok supporter being abusive and booing

England Rugby players should be safely tucked up in their comfortable beds by now, following a brutal Three-Test series in South Africa, which like all test series ended with its casualties on both sides. A day after the Baby Boks were crowned World Junior Champions, cementing a bright future of SA rugby, our senior chargers […]

Crossing the line

Bismark du Plessis in motion for Sprinboks

The Springboks saved face to the delight of a nation whose ‘ego’ could not afford any more bruising. The stands at the Nelson Mandela Stadium in PE roared. Much like a small sports club situated at the heart of the Border Bulls dogs home in East London did in 2007, after a mere 15 points […]