About Glen Vavaitamana

Glen loves any sport that uses an oval ball. He'll enjoy watching NFL, Aussie Rules footy or even League. But to him, nothing compares to the game played in heaven. He tried his hand at it but was found wanting. He consoles himself to being an armchair critic and analyst. He barracks for the Chiefs, Brumbies, Stormers and the Bokke but his heart will always be with the Fiji national XV. Follow Glen on Twitter!

The 2012 Super Rugby season is almost here!

Super Rugby Logo

I simply cannot wait. I was never a big fan of the sevens and although it IS rugby, I know that Fiji’s dominance in the abbreviated code is over. Actually, it’s been over for a long while now. Therefore, I simply cannot wait for the start of the Super Rugby season. Most of my mates […]

Fijians are rugby mad!

Fiji Rugby

Whether it be a shoe, plastic bottle or even a coconut, throw it into a group of young Fijian boys and the natural instinct is to play rugby. Rugby commentators usually prattle on that sevens rugby is the national sport of Fiji. However I beg to differ. Let it be known that RUGBY is the […]