About Cameron West

Cameron is the Director of Pro Training Programs, an online database of sport and fitness training programs as used by professional athletes.

The perfect rugby animal

rugby fitness

Rugby is a unique game in which players of all physical shapes and sizes are able to participate across all levels. So there is not a single ‘Perfect Rugby Animal’, but different depending on your position. This article is an in depth look at professional Rugby athlete characteristics by position – including body proportions and […]

Is Israel Folau the ultimate athlete?

Israel Folau Ultimate Athlete

Israel Folau has played three professional codes over the past eight years. Firstly Rugby League, then Australian Rules Football, now Rugby Union. In sporting terms, he is a freak. He is in the prime of his physical life. At 193 cm and 103 kilograms, he is still only 25.   But how much has he […]

What post match celebrations will do to recovery

Matt Giteau and teammates drinking

Who doesn’t like to celebrate a win with a few drinks? The culture in most team sports involves consumption of large amounts of alcohol after training/competition. In Australia, sports participants’ even report higher than average alcohol consumption rates compared to the non-sporting population, with a large proportion (~50–65%) consuming intakes above the threshold classified as […]

What are Peptides and what do they do?

Growth Hormone Release diagram

Australia’s ‘darkest day in sport’ has centred around the use of ‘peptides’ by our sport stars and legends. The Australian Crime Commission named peptides as one of the notable substances used by professional athletes in their report on ‘Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport’. But apart from being illegal, what are peptides? And why are […]

Battle of the Codes. Which is the fittest sport according to current GPS data?

Rugby Union Rugby League and AFL GPS comparison

For the longest time there was no way to really compare one sport to another. And while the new GPS technologies cannot tell you anything about the skill levels of one sport vs. another, they do allow you to objectively measure the physical and physiological demands. GPS technologies have been adopted far and wide in […]