About Ben Coughlan

Ben Coughlan is a proud member of Palmyra Rugby Union Club in Perth, where he plays on the wing in the lower grades. When not rugbying, he is an account manager at a social media firm. His favourite player is Kurtley Beale. Follow Ben on Twitter!

How to lead a horse to water and make it drink

England coach Martin Johnson

Here I am, back again from a forced break from writing and diving once again into a cynical yet appreciative look at the game we call our own. Just a short article this week as well, due to the more pressing dual issues of the rugby season fast approaching and our team’s lack of a […]

Bleeding Blue, White and Brown – On the rugby committee

Hands up in the air

Everyone, stop the search party! I have returned! I was not lost, and nor was I being held by Brumbies fans after I said amongst friends that the ACT didn’t have a ghost of a chance at scoring a win this year. Egg on face for me then. I am back, in full form, and […]

No Epitaph Yet! Rugby inherently breeds respect

David Pocock against stereotypes

A few weeks back I spoke about what I loved about rugby and why I was drawn to game. I waxed lyrical about the honour and courage in standing next to your brothers, the pride in playing for them and protecting them, and the respect you show to your opposition. In short, I gave the […]

To the field with you! Why your kids should play rugby

Cognac, Rugby, Peugeot Kids Cup

School term is only a matter of days away. Soon, all the youngsters will be back in class, corralled against their wishes so that us adults can have a few spare hours of peace between their whinging about going to school in the morning and coming home like a bull in a china shop in […]

Just a matter of trust

Willie Ripia on a boat

This is going to be break from the just-laid-down regularity in this series. It’s not going to be about a rugby topic that will make you laugh, nor will it be something light-hearted that will leave you feeling jovial about the game. I intend to make you think not just about the way the punishment […]

Ya Big Jessie!

Scrum packing down

I like Sunday mornings. Correction: I LOVE Sunday mornings. I never knew what it felt like to really just enjoy lying in for an hour or so and just appreciate the time spent doing nothing. It’s the dream. I know it sounds like I’m about to announce my engagement with Sunday mornings, but all joking […]

I’ve never played club rugby before. That isn’t going to be a problem….Is it?

Amateur rugby scrum

I remember the first conversation I had when I went to my club for the first time. I turned up at the training fields, found the head coach, and said I wanted to play rugby. The coach, who looked like he would have been a seriously dangerous lock in his day, said loudly “Well, this […]