About Us

Pink Rugby has been launched in a bid to offer an alternative voice on the best sport in the world, Rugby Union.  After constant frustration with the lack of female commentary of the game in both Australia and around the world, I have decided to take it upon myself to make the change!

Of course, I will look at the game with a critical eye and give my opinions on coaches, players and teams but I will also look at the fun stuff too.  The ‘Player of the Week’ award will not necessarily go to the best player on the field that week, but the one who gets hearts racing.

As this website is very new, I welcome any suggestions or comments on what you would like to hear about so feel free to get in touch.

2011 is a very exciting year for Rugby and I can’t wait to get started.  Bring it on!

Disclaimer: I aim to remain neutral in all of the commentary, but must reveal that my allegiance lies with the QLD Reds and the Wallabies. I also don’t make any money from this website but do it for the love of rugby!

About the Founder

Irene Watt - Founder of Pink Rugby

Irene Watt - Founder of Pink Rugby


Irene Watt is a rugby fanatic and marketing expert.  Having played the game herself, she understands the passion that drives rugby players and enthusiasts alike. She has travelled the world and catches a game live whenever possible.  Her favourite all time player is George Smith.