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Week 3This week sees the return of Will Genia from one knee injury, and the departure of David Pocock from another knee injury.

Last Saturday, 12 min and 36 seconds into the Brumbies vs Waratahs game, tragedy struck Real Fantasy Rugby. David Pocock sustained a season-ending knee injury. We’re shattered. But just like Celine Dion’s heart, our team will go on.

We always hear about squad depth and a quality bench, and last week we saw the importance of it: without updating our team from the week before, we achieved our highest score for the season with 285 points (previous best 264 points).  Thanks largely to our vice captain Liam Gill (who scored 70 of our 285 points), we broke into the top 20 (thousand) fantasy rugby players! That may not sound like much but we rose by more than 19K places – by that trend we should be winning the comp by Easter.

Hugh McMeninman (Force) comes in for the non-playing Anthony Boric this week, and although the Rebels have a bye we are keeping Luke Jones and Hugh Pyle in the side anyway. Is it just me or do Luke and Hugh (Pyle) get better each week?

The back row has been overhauled and, like Jake White, we’ve gone with a simple swap of George Smith for David Pocock, and Liam Gill stays at vice captain.

At halfback we see the return of the gorgeous Will Genia from injury. He comes in at the expense of Grayson Hart, whose abs have not been as highly-valued by the Tah’s coaches as they have been here at Pink Rugby.

Clyde Rathbone signing the infamous sign

Do you have a Rathboner?

Will will be delivering the ball to the adorable Christian Lealiifano. Just outside Lilo, Jono Lance and Mike Harris are the inside backs, despite Jono starting at fullback this week. Nice one Foxsports Fantasy people!

Drew Mitchell’s shock omission from the Tahs side has seen him relegated to the bench for our Real Fantasy Rugby side this week. Clyde Rathbone takes the injured Nick Cummins’ spot in the squad, and Drew’s spot on the field. Coach Cat is confident the Pink Rugby fans and selectors will be happy with her decision to bring Clyde into the squad without consultation because, well, he’s Clyde Rathbone.





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