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In Fantasy Rugby we can own and manage a virtual team which competes against other Fantasy Rugby teams. Each team runs under an initial salary cap, and players cost more based on their playing profile, international experience, last season’s performance. Throughout the season a player’s value can increase or decrease on form, and your team’s value rises or falls along with it. 

Teams score points based on the statistics generated by the players in that team. Points are added or subtracted from each player to give an overall score. For example a winger scoring a try is worth 5 points, but a front rower scoring a try is worth 15 points. If a prop plays more than 60min they get 4 points, and your player loses 4 points for giving away a penalty.  

Usually Fantasy Rugby teams are chosen based on the ability of players to score a lot of points. Hours are spent dissecting, discussing and analysing players’ form, stats and dollar-values. Debate rages , all in the quest to find the fantasy team that would crush all the other teams if they were to play them in real life. 


REAL Fantasy Rugby

But we here at Pink Rugby are a little more literal than that. We will be entering a team in the FoxSports Fantasy Rugby competition based on REAL fantasies. That is, our team will be made up of players who appear in the fantasies of our readers. I know that some of these fantasies may be game-related, but let’s be honest – they probably aren’t.

Over the past week we have been collecting nominations via twitter for each position group: front row, second row, loose forwards, half backs, inside backs, and outside backs. We now have our Extended Playing Squad (EPS) and they will form the group of players we will choose from this year. When we make player transfers into our team throughout the year, they will come from this group. 

Between now and the start of the season we will be putting together our starting line-up and we need you – our selection panel – to help us choose our initial squad of 23 players consisting of:

  • 3 props
  • 2 hookers
  • 3 locks
  • 4 back rowers
  • 2 scrum halves
  • 2 fly halves
  • 3 centres
  • 4 outside backs

How it will work

Where we need three players in a position, the three players with the most number of votes in that position will be chosen. 

The player who gets the highest number of votes will be named captain. In fantasy rugby, this means his points are worth double to the team’s score. 

While every effort will be made to select the team based entirely on votes, we may need to make some changes to accommodate all players under the salary cap. We will definitely select the top 5 most-voted-for players in the initial squad.

The rules of Fantasy Rugby state that no more than 5 players from any one franchise can be in the squad of 22. The 5 players from that franchise with the highest number of votes will be selected. 

Much like Super Rugby if a player sustains a season-ending injury he will be replaced by a member of the EPS for the remainder of the season. 

Where a team has the bye, and where transfers allow, players will be substituted by other players in the EPS.

You can join the Pink Rugby league here.


Voting is via our Facebook page and up first are props and hookers. Voting has started so make sure your hottie makes the cut by liking their pic!



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