An open letter to Jake White

Dear Jake,

Betrayed.  Dissapointed. Hurt.

These are just some of the many emotions that Brumbies fans are feeling after last night’s announcement that you have decided to leave our club with two years still left on your contract. Everyone that is associated with this club assumed that you would commit to your stay here, after already turning down international job offers early in your time at the Brumbies. It seems we were sorely mistaken.

When it was announced that you had asked for a release from your contract, personal reasons was cited as the cause for release… and yet not long after this first announcement, it emerged that one of the main reason for leaving is that you didn’t get the top job as Wallabies Head Coach.

Firstly I would like to say, for what reason do you have to dump us because you didn’t get promoted? We have no say, nor did we play any part, as a club, in you not getting that position. Many have said that you have basically used us to get to such a high position that you were considered for the Wallabies job, and when you don’t receive it, you have no use for us anymore. You spat the dummy. 

Secondly, you have stated in a media release that you are leaving  for personal reasons, to be closer with your sons and wife in South Africa, all Brumbies fans can understand and most will be completely supportive of this reason. In fact, every single fan that I have spoken to on this matter said last night that they would support the move if it was for personal reasons. Sometimes there are things that are bigger that rugby, it is just a game.

Thirdly, and this is the one thing that has upset me the most, the fact that the 35 man squad that you yourself selected, the people who respect you the most out of anyone associated with our incredibly proud club, had to find out that you had resigned via Twitter, Facebook, and from Fox News is incredibly disrespectful*.

They should be the first people, after your family, to know that you are leaving. They should not have to find out through social media. It is understandable for fans and the general public to find out like that, but not them. Especially since a lot of these players came to Canberra because of you and your credentials. I sincerely hope we don’t lose any of our talented players because of this.

Lastly, as strange as it sounds, I would like to thank Jake for what he has done for the Brumbies over the past two years. You have done a lot for local rugby during your time here, and I hope that what you have done remains, despite your exit. It would be a shame to see ACT rugby teams lose the Brumbies players to the Sydney and Brisbane competitions. You have put us back in the spotlight and I thank you for that.

I’m just so dissapointed and angry that after fans and players put so much faith and loyalty into this club, you couldn’t give any in return.


Yours sincerely,

A loyal, and upset Brumbies fan.


*stated by Canberra Times reporter, Chris Dutton.



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