2013 Pink Rugby Official Ambassador

Something wonderful happened the other night on Twitter.  Western Force player Alfie Mafi started using the social network again.

Now for those of you on Twitter, this may not mean anything but one of his first tweets was to me and included this wonderful pic of fellow Western Force teammate Nick Cummins. What followed next was quite remarkable.  He tweeted the below pic (after multiple requests) and in honour of his good humour and excellent banter we have made an executive decision here at Pink Rugby and made Alfie the 2013 Pink Rugby Ambassador and part of our REAL Fantasy Rugby Team.  I am sure you’ll agree that we’ve made a great decision.


Alfie Mafi shirtless

Alfie Mafi | Pink Rugby’s 2013 Ambassador



Player Stats

D.O.B: 08/06/1988

Height: 1.82m

Position: Wing

Rugby Team: Western Force

Twitter: @AlfieMafi












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