Where the hell do the Brumbies go from here?

2011 will be a year that I will never forget and I am sure the Brumbies and the rest of their supporters also feel the same way.

The year that we finished 13th on the Super Rugby ladder, an all time low for the club.

The year that the team was often booed of the field by their own supporters at home games.

The year we sacked our coach just two games into the season.

The year we lost 13 of our players to other clubs.

The year we lost our major sponsor.  

2012 will be different!

2012 will be the year that the Brumbies bounce back!

Brumbies after a dismall 2011 season

Brumbies after a dismall 2011 season

I only started going to the Brumbies games last year and immediately fell in love with the team, the stadium, the atmosphere and most importantly, rugby. While the first few games were great, with a win against the Chiefs, as the season progressed and our team went from one of the most feared teams in the competition to one that was laughed upon, I started to notice the crowd number’s drop and slander rise. It startled me. Here I was, thinking that most of the supporter’s would stand up for their team.

But they didn’t, they just sat there and sometimes even joined in, all because our team was having a bad season. Reading online that people weren’t renewing memberships because of the 2011 season disgusted me.  Is winning everything? For me, it isn’t. As long as they go out there, and give it their best shot, that’s enough for me. If they win, Great, I’ll be dancing in the streets, over the moon! If they lose, it’s a shame, but I know that they have run on to the field and played their hearts out and they will bounce back the next round.

Jake White joining the Brumbies in 2012 is a blessing.  Not only is White a world-class coach with a Rugby World Cup title under his belt, he is also bringing new things to the club, including;

  • A full-time chef at the Brumbies Training Centre in Griffith, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the players, guaranteeing that they won’t break their diets. 
  • A brand new coaching team including the likes of George Gregan, Stephen Larkham, Laurie Fisher, Dean Benton and Aled Waters.
  • A fresh young team with hardly any Super Rugby experience.

While most Brumbies supporter’s have never heard of players like Ruaidhri Murphy, Cam Crawford, Sam Carter, Nic White and Ian Prior they soon will, with these players being some of the stand-outs in pre-season training.

Talking to players like Jerry Yanuyanutawa and Cam Crawford, you can tell that they are excited about this season, but the one thing they both said when I asked them ‘How’s Training Going?’ was ‘HARD!’.  ’Good!’ I replied to both of them. It’s good that Jake is working them hard; it means they will be ready for the 2012 season.

When you talk to fans about how they think the Brumbies are going to do this season, most will say that now we have Jake White surely we will improve, and I have to agree. We all know that it is unlikely that we will go straight to the top and win the Super Rugby title after last season, but we all have faith (well most of us) in Jake White and our coaches that players are going to run onto the field and try their best.

I can tell you all right now, that 2012 will be a year that Brumbies supporters and players will never forget.

A year where we get to the finals.

A year where we keep our coach for longer than two games.

A year where the home crowds cheer and shout in joy, rather than jeer.

The Year of the Brumby. GAME ON!


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    Well done, Alicia! We Reds supporters know where you’re coming from. If it’s painful for us to watch, imagine how it is for the guys getting booed 🙁 I’ve been a Reds girl since before I even owned a training bra so I’ve gotten more than a few pats on the shoulder & “must be hard to watch” comments from opposition supporters. On the way to the final last year, a pack of Crusader fans were on our train & they laughed when we said “This is our time”. They wouldn’t even look at us on the ride home… 🙂 Your boys will get up again & fight. That’s what our game is- warriors on the field of battle, sometimes bloodied but never bowed.

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    Thanks Sharon, good to know that someone else feel’s it. I had a Phibbsy come into my Mum’s work last year and he said that they never went out there with the intention to lose and the booing was really hurting the biys, you could see in his face just how upset he was.. I’ve got a lot of faith in them that they will try their absolute best this year! 🙂

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      Well it certainly looks like they’ve identified areas that needed work & implemented good strategies to deal with them! Brumbies are my “2nd team” in Australia. As for the booing- that’s something I will NEVER do. I’ve seen the Reds have their butts handed to them and no matter how disappointed I was, it never crossed my mind to boo.

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    Great article. Love the heart in it. The Brumbies are my team too, and I KNOW they’ll do well in 2012. GO THE BRUMBIES! Love from Fiji <3

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