Rugby Canada Centre of Excellence opens

Rugby Canada Centre of Excellence

Rugby Canada Centre of Excellence

Rugby Canada’s new Centre of Excellence opened in Langford, BC on Vancouver Island this past weekend.

Heading towards the 2016 Olympics this new facility will be a huge asset to Rugby Canada and will see the coaches, managers, support staff and athletes now based out of this location.

Facilities include a turf field, gym and a physio room and the City of Langford has opened their arms up to Rugby Canada and made everyone feel very welcome.

Now that everything is getting put in order and the teams are all training in one place its very exciting to see what is to come.  You can see how all the players appreciate that they get to live their dream of playing rugby on a higher, accelerated level. 

Minister of Sport with U20 team Canada

Minister of Sport Ida Chong along with 4 members of the U-20 team.

Yes everyone is still amateur as they all still work part time along with a full training schedule but no one is complaining and soaking all they can in. 

This is an exciting time filled with unlimited possibilities for everyone in the rugby community.  I hope that we see more players and fans coming out to their local clubs for games and when there is a high level game to support Rugby Canada team.

Next up for the Men 7s is New Zealand, February 3-4 for the HSBC 7’s series then onto Last Vegas, February 10-12. These two tournament are back to back so its a long travel schedule.

For the women 7s it’s Las Vegas in a few weeks.  This is going to be another amazing show of women 7s as the games will be televised. Canada will be aiming to win this tournament as they did last year.

I will be in Vegas for the 7s tournament and taking photos and tweeting (@judes_photo) all weekend. It’s my second year there and I am really looking forward to this event.

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