Robbie Deans must go!

Robbie Deans’ tenure as Head Coach of the Australian Wallabies must be reviewed after yet another embarrassing defeat to Scotland in Newcastle tonight.

The 9-6 loss came after the Scots were awarded a penalty after the final siren to retain the Hopetoun Cup in a similar result in 2009.

I have had enough and don’t want to hear any excuses for tonight’s performance. 

It was not due to the scheduling of the game, the lack of preparation time and it certainly wasn’t the referees fault that the Wallabies lost this match.  I don’t even want to hear how bad the weather was!

Scotland were dealing with the same conditions and they handled them better than us, plain and simple.  They tackled harder and their defense was amazing.  Scotland deserved this win.

The Wallabies didn’t alter their game plan to counteract the Scots play and continued to pick and drive when they had possession even when it clearly wasn’t penetrating the defence.  They obviously didn’t have any alternative tactics and didn’t adjust after the difficult first half.

So when are we going to stop making excuses and start demanding that Robbie Deans be sacked as the coach?

Deans has been the coach now since 2008 and we are yet to see any difference in this team. He has had FOUR years to prove himself and our trophy cabinet is still mighty bare. One Tr-Nations victory, while awesome, is not enough!

The famous taunt made my George Gregan to All Blacks’ Byron Kelleher of ‘four more years’ in the 2003 Rugby World Cup suddenly feels like it’s silently taunting all Wallabies fans.

Despite Deans’ success at the Crusaders, he is clearly not cut out for coaching at the international level and this has been proven multiple times.  The past 12 months has been disastrous with crucial losses to Samoa, Ireland and finally New Zealand in the RWC.

Robbie Deans is the only constant factor in the equation and this fact can no longer be ignored by the ARU.

As Wallabies fans, we have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….ROBBIE DEANS MUST GO!!

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    I think getting rid of him right at the start of the season could be bad for the team, yes he has to go (no doubt about that) but look what happened with the Brumbies last year when we got rid of our coach! If we were to replace him you would have to replace him with someone who is already close with the team and wont stuff the team around to much!

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