Reds v Waratahs: Archenemies for life

Tomorrow marks the final regular round of the 2012 Super Rugby season.

With the Reds vs Waratahs match held at Suncorp Stadium it always holds a lot of rivalry and competition.

The first interstate match between QLD & NSW was held in 1882, which makes it one of the oldest rugby contests in Australia.

So as now better known as the Bob Templeton Cup, in 2011/2012, it was the first time since 2004 that they retained the title thanks to Dom Shipperley’s last gasp try in February at ANZ Stadium, Sydney.

Since the start of professional Super rugby in 1996, 18 matches have been played, Queensland winning 10, New South Wales 7 and one being drawn.

If you’re a diehard fan from eons ago, you’ll always remember the time that Berrick Barnes left the club to go to the Waratahs.

Now if you jumped on board with the Reds only recently, yes Berrick was a Red between 2006 – 2009.

Berrick  was the poster boy for the Reds, as Queensland as a slab of XXXX on a rusty ute, and Berrick had a lot of marketability as the down to earth good bloke who could play some good footy with the club.

With his success in the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France, he became a household name at the Reds.

Sadly, the Reds were failing as a team, with a shameful wooden spoon in 2007 and an embarrassing 92-3 loss to the Bulls.

In the space of 3 years, they had 3 coaches, the crowd was dwindling and the die hard fans were painstakingly making the choring effort to watch their boys lose week in week out.

Then the 29th of July 2009, changed all of that. Barnes leaves for the arch rivals, the NSW Waratahs.

He was looking for a change and a chance to become a better player and person.

There was an absolute outrage, he got called a traitor, there was some very upset fans and the next day, the CEO resigned, several board members & the coach, Phil Mooney were sacked.

They lost their favourite son, and the QRU made drastic measures to make sure this never happened again.

Ewen McKenzie came on board, the Reds then started to make more positive changes, and 2010 became a turnaround year for the Reds only missing the finals by a minuscule amount.

2011 was a massive year and for every Reds fan, regardless of how long you’ve been supporting them for – IT WAS OUR YEAR.

Defeating the Waratahs at home in April of 2011 was a chance for the Reds to stamp their authority on the title.

The question will be, can they do it tomorrow and give themselves the best chance possible of making the finals and perhaps a back to back championship.

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    Hey Lauren,
    Hopefully you will have to let Berrick go sometime so he can return to his Rightful position in the Reds Backline .
    I am still amazed after Berricks Man of the Match preformances theres still talk in the media/blogs that he is not rated in the run on side for the Super Rugby championship.
    Thats the Tah curse….last year on Green and Gold Rugby blog he was the man all readers wanted to boost theWallaby backline at the World Cup and when picked he delivered.

    Berrick always delivers in the pressure moments in the Wallaby jumper..He needs to be reunited with Quade

    PS Theres two junior alleygators ready to take him surfing at Currumbin Alley any time he is free.
    Enjoy your weekend Lauren .. Rgds Brent

    • 3

      Hi Brent, 

      Thank you for your comment.

      I am a Reds supporter before I’m a Tahs fan, I would love to see him back in the Red but I don’t think he’ll he coming back any time soon.

      As a joke, I turned up to the Waratahs trial at the start of the season in my new Reds training gear that I had only received a few weeks earlier. 

      I can tell you that him & his wife Rebekah did see the funny side of it, but not without a spray. 

      I did know then that he wouldn’t be coming back to Queensland in a hurry.

      Back in 2009 I was very upset when he left the club, I even had emails from staff at the QRU saying that they’re thinking of me etc.

      For anyone who did know me at that time, I thank them for being supportive to me, because those were some dark times.

      One thing Morgan Turinui said to me is to stick by the club, as he knew in foresight that there would be positive changes to the club.

      That’s the reason why I’m still a Reds fan today. Because he was right.

      Despite all the travel I did in 2010 to watch the Tahs play, I was still at Suncorp Stadium supporting the Reds, sometimes back to back Reds & Tahs with in the space of 24 hours or less.

      Berrick does appreciate what I did for him, as I don’t think there were many Reds fans who had the courage to do something like that.

      Regardless, he knows I’ll be still supporting him every step of the way. 

      About 12 months ago, Berrick and I had a chat after our training session for our respective rugby clubs at Sydney Uni.

      It was just after the Reds won the final. I said to him

      “Do you ever regret leaving Queensland?”

      He said “If I didn’t go, I don’t think we would of ever changed, it would be the same admin, same coaching style etc, they would still be the cellar dwellers”

      I never forgot what he said because he was so spot on.

      Without him leaving, what successes would of been made? Probably none.

      As for his man of the match efforts, I do agree with you, I know that there is serious dealings going on down at the Tahs, and for someone like him to have a cracker 2 games in a row then go back to a team who can’t function, it’s quite the big issue that needs to be addressed.

      I saw Berrick after the Wales game in Sydney and his whole attitude changed from positive to negative when I mentioned the Tahs, I knew then that the  team need to change their attitude on how they play.

      I would prefer to see Berrick play like he did in the RWC Bronze final, without Quade, somehow, he is an influence, but not so long ago, Berrick was mentoring him.


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    Who ever tops the Ausrtalain comp will have the lowest points of the six teams in the finals. So why are they called the third rank team???? It just looks a bit odd to me, fingers crossed which ever Australian team dose get through that’s as far as they go.

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