Quade Cooper cops $60k fine and three match ban

Quade Cooper has been handed a $60,000 fine and a three-match ban after a marathon 4 and a half hour hearing at ARU headquarters this afternoon.

Found guilty of two charges of bringing the code into disrepute following statements referring to a ‘toxic environment’, Cooper will have to pay a a massive up front fee of $40,000 but will not miss any matches after the remainder of the sentence was suspended for two years.

Cooper spoke to media after the hearing and spoke without notes or prompting. 

“Obviously the sentence that’s been handed to me, I have full respect for that,” he said.

“I understand I fell well below par about what it means to be a Wallaby and for all the supporters that are out there, my apologies.

“I’m just looking forward to the future and hopefully having a big year with not only my state but the Wallabies.

“And I’m very much looking forward to getting over my injury and getting back on the field.”

There has been a hot debate surrounding this incident and whether you love Quade Cooper or not, this seems to be quite a large fine that has been handed down by the ARU.

Yes he went about it the wrong way but should we automatically dismiss what he has said about the Wallabies environment simply because he didn’t say it eloquently enough?

Are we expecting too much of our rugby players when it comes to handling social and traditional media?

All I know is that they needed to hand down a hefty fine to make a point.  Now that’s done, it’s time to move on and progress with making Australian Rugby the best it can be.




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  1. $60,000… I would hope that is used to support grassroots rugby.

  2. I agree Sharon it would be great to see fines being put into grassroots. That is a massive amount to be fined so I hope he has learnt his lesson as I don’t think he’d want another.

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