Meet Rugby Player: Sammy Palmer


Sammy Palmer rugby player

Rugby Player: Sammy Palmer



Name:  Sammy Palmer

Nickname:  Tank

DOB:  12/03/1989

Position:  Second Row

Current Club:  Beckenham Rugby Club

Occupation:  Assistant Manager at Claire’s Accessories.

Facebook:  Sammy Palmer






The Hard Questions

How long have you been playing rugby?

7 years.

How/Why did you start playing rugby?

One of my friends from Hastings and Bexhill rugby club in Hastings, East Sussex took me to watch the girls train one day. The coach told me to get up and try it out, so I did, I fell in love with rugby the day I started training and have never stopped since that day.

What do you like most about rugby?

The way everyone acts towards each other, a rugby family is one of the best families you can have. We all train together; play matches together and comfort each other. We have seen each other at our best and worst.

How do you prepare for the big games?

I listen to some mental music if I have time in the changing room, which is very rare. And I pee a lot!! Haha. I’m not going to lie I get nervous before games but the girls pre talks are amazing and any worry I might have gets completely knocked out and you’re ready to face anyone on that field.

How do you juggle your career and playing professional rugby?

I work part time at the moment so I have plenty of time for rugby.

What are the biggest obstacles facing women in today’s game?

Being noticed. Women have achieved a lot in rugby. Not saying men haven’t but I think we need to be recognised more. There are some fantastic players out there that need more credit for what they do.

Where would you like to see Women’s rugby in 10 years time?

Women being treated fairly in a ‘man’s game’, being paid.  Being Recognised as a sportswoman!…

What is your best sporting memory?

I played in Madrid, 44 degrees at 12:00 my spam was burnt to a crisp. But it was an experience playing in Spanish. I learnt how another country plays the game, in another language, higher temperatures. It was fantastic!

What is your worst sporting memory?

Breaking my thumb in a training session playing touch. The bone got pushed so far I didn’t know where my thumb started anymore.

What is your ultimate ambition in sport?

To make it to England. It’s my dream.


The Fun Questions

Who is your sporting idol?

Martin Johnson. I took his skipping moves. You will understand if you watch him he does an amazing move so he will never get caught.

What is your favourite sporting venue?

Twickenham of course! The stadium is beautiful.

What is your favourite hobby away from sport?

Sleeping! Haha….

Who would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with?

Gerard Butler with his 300 Spartans costume on!!.. Amazing stuff that!

What song did you last play on your iPod?

Danza Kuduro it’s an awesome Spanish song! I listened to it all the time with the girls in Madrid.

What is the one item you could not live without?

Ummm hard one… I do not really have anything. I’d say my iPod but I lost it!!… Other than that socks!… got to love a pair of good socks!…..

What is your favourite TV show?

Keith Lemon celebrity juice!



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