Meet Rugby Player: Hazel Tubic

Hazel Tubic

Hazel Tubic


Name: Hazel Tubic

Nickname: Haze, Gaga, Baz

DOB: 31/12/1990

Position: Fullback

Current Club: Manurewa


Occupation: Student

Twitter: @HazelTubic



The Hard Questions:

How long have you been playing rugby?

Since I was 10.

How/Why did you start playing rugby?

Few of my friends decided to start playing on a Saturday morning before we had our netball in the afternoon, so I just joined in.

What do you like most about rugby?

Being able to run with the ball and try manipulate the defence.

How do you prepare for the big games?

I don’t have any special preperation just like to stay relaxed, joke around a bit. Don’t try to get to overpumped for the occasion.

How do you juggle your career and playing professional rugby?

I just finished studying so it was pretty easy to find time to train and play at the same time.

What are the biggest obstacles facing women in today’s game?

It would be good to have a bit more publicity for the game to be able to grow and get more young girls wanting to play. For us here we can sometimes struggle with resources as there just isnt the money needed available. Also it is sometimes hard for female rugby to be taken seriously as it is seen as a sport for men.

Where would you like to see Women’s rugby in 10 years time?

Hopefully for everyone to be semi-professional to allow the standard to keep rising. This would also ensure that countries would be playing each other a lot more often then they do currently.

What is your best sporting memory?

Don’t really have one in paticular but anytime you play for New Zealand is special.

What is your worst sporting memory?

Tearing my ACL in a club semi final.

What is your ultimate ambition in sport?

Definitely want to try make the sevens in the olympics and win a gold medal!


The Fun Questions:

Who is your sporting idol?

Rafeal Nadal.

What is your favourite sporting venue?

Eden Park.

What is your favourite hobby away from sport?


Who would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with?

Ryan Gosling.

What song did you last play on your iPod?

Wild ones – Flo rida ft Sia.

What is the one item you could not live without?

Hair ties.

What is your favourite TV show?

Modern Family.

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