McKenzie sidelined at ANZ stadium

Ewen McKenzie celebrates at the 2011 Super Rugby Final

Ewen McKenzie celebrates at the 2011 Final

Queensland Reds coach Ewen McKenzie has been banned for the second year in a row from coaching from the sidelines during the grudge match with the Waratahs at ANZ Stadium tonight.

Ewen was apparenlty informed on game day last year that he couldn’t enter the field at ANZ Stadium, and from the little information I could find, it is believed that he has attempted to seek permission to sit on the bench for the game tonight with no luck.

The rules as they stand say ‘Non-players are not permitted on the `playing enclosure’ ‘ and although the IRB consider that zone to only stretch five metres from the sideline, SANZAR has ruled that they view the enclosure as everything inside the fence.

As we all know from last year’s season, McKenzie preferes to be on the sidelines rather than stuck in the coaching box so this is a very disappointing ruling for him and the fans. 

Questions also need to be asked why this only applies to ANZ stadium and not other stadiums used for Super Rugby.

Link commented on the ruling this morning by tweeting the following  ‘you only look for consistency in decision making given i stood there all last year – what does this say?’

Nothing could be found on the official SANZAR website regarding this ruling.

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