Leave the Reds ALONE!!

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I’ve had enough!  Ever since Saturday night, all I’ve heard and read is a lot of complaining and quite frankly mean spirited comments against the Reds and their supporters.

“REDS………….. What a PATHETIC performance. Didn’t deserve to even be there…. Remember you were standing up for Aussie rugby… BOO HO !!!!!!!”

“Reds you are terrible, Australian rugby is a joke!”

“Hahahahahhah….. that’s what you get all arrogant fans of the reds, Sharks absolutely screwed the Reds, and you deserve what you get. This just shows how poor the Australian conference is, your top team can’t even beat 6th place —– justice is now served. So now please go crawl back into your hole and shut up. Thank you!”

These are just a few of the comments posted online by rugby fans from around the world since the loss and I’ve had a gutful.  As a passionate Reds supporter, I was gutted by the loss and dumbfounded by the amount of hate towards the team, the players and their supporters.  Yes, I probably should have stayed away from the forums and websites but I couldn’t help myself.

But what astounded me more than anything is the hate from Australian rugby fans toward us. Comments that the players and fans are arrogant, that we are bogans and don’t know the rules and that we are pathetic.

I know that we didn’t play to our usual standard and that the Sharks played a better game on the night so rightly deserved the win, but do we deserve the amount of hate laid at our feet?

The Reds, like the Sharks, had come into the qualifying final having won their last 6 matches in a row.  One of those matches was against the Chiefs who were at the top of the table at the time of the clash. 

We had won the Australian Conference rightfully after securing a bonus point win against the Waratahs, while the much favoured Brumbies lost at the final hurdle to the lowly ranked Blues.

We had suffered cruelly at the hand of the injury gods with our no 10 jersey seemingly cursed. We lost our captain at the business end of the season too and yet we still made it to the finals.

We had two of our top players face the SANZAR judiciary and receive, in my humble opinion, suspensions that were not fitting the crime. As Quade Cooper tweeted earlier this week SANZAR = Lottery!

We achieved a record average crowd of 34,000 and increased memberships by 100% this season.

We are also the team who came from second last on the ladder in 2009 to Super Rugby Champions in 2011 so we have a right to be proud of the team after so many years in the wilderness.

I for one am proud of how far we got with everything that happened this season.  Just a few weeks before the finals, it didn’t event look like we would make it so the fact we did, makes me happy.

Yes, I’ll admit we are in the weakest conference especially with the Waratahs having one of their worst seasons this year, but we all must remember that South Africa also has two of the lowest ranked teams in their conference in the Cheetahs and the wooden spoon Lions.

It was also South Africa who demanded the home final for all of the conference winners so please stop whinging about this! The fact that the Reds are the ones who have taken advantage of this situation this season is purely out of their hands, so it’s time to move on.

The Reds have made the best of the situation and worked hard despite everything that was thrown at them this year and they still made it to the finals.

So lay off would you and ‘Leave my Reds alone!!!!’

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    I think it’s really easy to forget what makes us the weakest conference: the performances of the Brumbies, Tahs, Force, Rebels, and Reds. When you’d prefer to eat toenail clippings than watch the Tahs play another grinding MOFO of a local derby, it’s easy to see where the weakest conference tag comes from. Quite simply, we can only beat those who we play, and we beat a whole bunch of those guys.

  2. 2

    WELL SAID Irene!!!!!!!!!!! I supported the Reds through all their years of not getting anywhere – so to get this close to the finals is a fantastic effort! Rugby is all about having the guts to keep fighting until the game is finished – for example I watched that boys game – the “state of origin” – what a joke – they all leave the field before the siren!!!!!!! Rugby is for people who can take the hard knocks and still keep going – they hold their heads up high because they played their guts out! Shame on anyone who forgets what it is to fight even when the life is not handing out free chocolates!

  3. 3

    The Red’s performance was terrible last saturday but that doesn’t call for the comments that were made. You stick with your team no matter what. Shame it isn’t the same story with the Brumbies. I saw so many comments on the Brumbies FB page about how supporters wouldn’t continue to support them because they had a terrible year… they obviously have their heads to far up there own a**es to realise just how well they went this year. Was a bit dissapointed that Reds fans were also making rude comments on the page.. but I know tht the True Reds supportes will stick with the team! Well Done to them on a fantatsic year of rugby!

  4. 4

    Having been a Reds supporter since before they won their last 4 (count them if you don’t belive me) Super Rugby titles. I have had to endure many years of supporting less then optimum results. During this time I have even copped a lot of good natured ribbing from the supporters of other teams. But I too have noticed the increase in the nastiness of comments that have been said by oposition supporters in both Super Rugby & during the internationals of recent times. Can I please remind everyone that this is a game, entertainment, sport. It is not life or death & we need to remember that. As to our Reds. I think that they have done wonderfully well over the last 30 years, especially the last 3, & I for one will continue to support them through thick & thin. WE ARE RED!

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