Kouki Sato talks rugby

Kouki Sato

Kouki Sato

In our ongoing effort to keep you up to date with rugby in Japan, we have an interview with Kouki Sato from the team Kyuden Voltex.   Sato has played for Kyuden for many years and was part of the team that was in Top League for three years.  Being relegated back to Kyushu League was disheartening for the team but we’ll find out soon if their ongoing hard work pays off and they regain their spot in Top League –bring on the play-offs!



 How hard will it be to get into Top League again?

It’s very hard to get into Top League. First of all, it’s just not enough to be the best in Kyushu. It’s easy to become the best in Kyushu but after that, we have to play three Top Challenge games. The results of those games are always very tight.

How do you feel when you lose an important game?

When we have a bad game, it’s a very disappointing feeling. Of course, in order to regain our spot, we’re training hard every day. If we lose a game, we must do more training.

In order to regain your spot in Top League, what is the team doing?

For the past year, in order to get into Top League again, Kyuden has been working hard at having a very earnest attitude. In order to get into Top League, we’re training very hard and outside of training, we’re always thinking of rugby. 

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    Well done on presenting an article on a Japanese club team. Got back from there yesterday and they are training hard and Kouki is a stand out player (when he is fit!!). Keep up the good work scoop.

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