Jonathan Pélissié

It’s not the easiest thing to find background information on some of the French players so I’ll let the picture of Jonathan Pélissié from Top 14 club Grenoble speak for itself.

Jonathan Pelissie Shirtless

Jonathan Pelissie



Player Stats

DOB: 06/06/1988

Height: 1.79m

Position: Prop

Club: Grenoble

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  1. Well done. That is all. Well done

  2. Gillian says:

    Where is his man hair? beautiful eyes

  3. RedChuri says:

    I can’t believe i missed this…..!!!!! ooooh weeeeee! “URO”!!!! < sexy in FIJIIAN!!! OMG another baby…that's it i am going to jail…lol! getting lost in his eyes….and other "hard to reach" places…

  4. Me acabo de comprar un ordenador muy chulo

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