Grayson Hart

The Twitter world sat up and took notice of Waratah’s halfback Grayson Hart this week, and I think we can all see why.

Sure, he has an angelic face and a body built for sinning on, under and around, and beside. And ok, so he has a light yet oh-so-masculine smattering of leg hair a girl (or guy) could imagine getting their own legs sensuously tangled in…. But he’s MORE than just a human play gym!

Grayson’s great value on Twitter – he posts interesting tweets, he interacts with his followers, and he seems like a genuine, down-to-earth guy with a brain. 

His career has followed a remarkably similar trajectory to that of Aussie Mike Harris. He came to Australia via New Zealand U20s, North Harbour and the Auckland Blues. While eligible for New Zealand, as well as for Australia through his paternal grandmother, and Scotland through his maternal grandmother, we think he’d look lovely in Wallaby Gold Budgy Smugglers.


Grayson Hart shirtless for charity

Grayson Hart



Player Stats

D.O.B: 19/06/1988

Height: 1.85m

Position: Halfback

Rugby Team: Waratahs

Twitter: @grayson_hart






















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