David Pocock

Every so often something momentous happens. Something life changing. Something so beautiful and so moving. Poetry of the human form.

Most men would feel inadequate next to David Pocock. And so they should. He’s arguably the world’s best 7, the captain of the Western Force. On top of all that, he’s articulate, he’s intelligent, he’s generous, and he has a social conscience. Let’s face it: if he picks up his own socks he’s the ultimate man. Oh, and he looks like THAT in not many clothes.  
Since 2009 he has worked to build Eightytwenty Vision, a not-for-profit organisation to help communities in Zimbabwe become self-sufficient. These guys are helping with really practical stuff, like providing concrete, blackboard paint,window panes and textbooks to refurbish 6 primary schools so they were safer; or providing disinfectant, buckets, gumboots and soap to health clinics. 
You can buy the Budgie Smugglers here.
Don’t wear Budgie Smugglers? Or do you think there’s no way any man you know would look anything like that and you don’t want to be disappointed? That’s ok – it’s fair and reasonable. You can donate the $25 that would normally go to Eightytwenty Vision from the sale of these Budgie Smugglers here. For that matter, donate the $49.95 the Budgie Smugglers would cost and feel free to come back and gaze at these pictures guilt free.
David Pocock shirtless wearing his 8020 Budgie Smugglers

David Pocock - Wearing his 8020Budgies


Player Stats

DOB: 23/04/1988

Height: 1.85m

Position: Openside Flanker

Club: Western Force

National Team: Wallabies

Honours: 40

Twitter: @PocockDavid

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