David Campese and that sexist tweet

Former Wallabies legend David Campese has been slammed for his sexist tweet questioning the Sydney Morning Herald’s decision to “get a girl to write about rugby”.

If you aren’t on Twitter or haven’t seen it yet (see pic below), Campo sent the offending tweet in the early hours of this morning and was referring to the SMH’s Georgina Robinson who is currently covering the Wallabies tour in Europe.

David Campese sexist tweet

Really Campo??

Campese has since deleted the tweet but not before inciting a lot of backlash on Twitter.

As a girl who is a passionate about, and loves to write about rugby, I find this to be extremely offensive.

Thankfully the majority of those on Twitter agree and have leaped to not only Georgina’s defence but also all other female sports journalists and bloggers.

Most notably, Wallabies captain David Pocock came out and condemned Campo’s tweet.
David Pocock response to Campese

Thank you Mr Pocock!


Managing Editor of Sport for Fairfax Media Ian Fuge also came to Robinson’s defence saying she was an excellent sports journalist.

“Fairfax Media is lucky to have Georgina. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of her coverage of the rugby round and nor could our readers,” Fuge said.

“In a short space of time she has become a vital voice in the sport. I am staggered that anyone would criticise any sports reporter because of their gender. Georgina wasn’t chosen for the rugby writer’s role on the basis of her gender and neither should her work be judged as such.

“She is a fine rugby reporter – already up their with the best.”

There is absolutely no place for this kind of sexism in the professional era of the game and it has to stop! 

In my humble opinion, the female audience is a huge target market that rugby is either completely missing out on or not communicating correctly to.  This website is a testament to the fact that women love rugby and are passionate about their team and the game. Oh and they may even know more about rugby than you!
As soon as everyone realises and embraces the female audience, rugby will grow as a game.



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      I don’t think it would have been that big of a problem if he just said he thought Growden was a better journalist (no accounting for taste). It was the whole ‘why does the smh get a girl….’ that got everyone upset.

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