Caps don’t make captains

When picking someone to captain a team, you immediately think that the player with the most experience will be chosen. Many assumed that Jake White would choose Stephen Moore to skipper his new-look Brumbies, as he had the most on field experience.

Ben Mowen talks to the media

Ben Mowen talks to the media as Captain

Well you’re wrong! The Brumbies new skipper is Ben Mowen and unless you’re a diehard Brumbies supporter, Tahs fan or have seen him in the in-famous ‘FlashTahs’ Youtube video, you have probably never heard of him.

While many of you may have never heard of him, rest assured he is the perfect choice for the job! Ben Mowen is the type of player who has the respect of the older players and has the younger players looking up to him.

Jake White believes that Ben has the leadership qualities to revive the Brumbies from their ‘not-so-perfect’ season last year, having skippered the Australian U21’s in Argentina, in 2004 and leading  a handful of Waratahs development tours.

To get an idea of how the players felt about Ben Mowen being appointed captain I talked to Cam Crawford from the Brumbies.

What do you think Ben Mowen will bring to the team as the new captain?

I think Ben brings with him great leadership qualities as a captain. He’s done it before for the Aussie U21 side and you can tell. He leads by example with his play on the field and through his communication and knowledge of the game.

How do you think Mowen’s promotion to captain will affect the player’s attitudes towards him?

I don’t think it changes too much in terms of attitudes towards him. Everyone respected him when he first came to the side and maybe that respect has grown a little more with him as captain.

Were you surprised at his selection?

I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think many people in our organisation were either. Obviously there were other stronger candidates for the role including Stephen Moore, but we’ve assumed for quite some time that Benny was getting the job.

Do you think Jake has made the right choice?

I think he has. Jake is after a fresh start here at the Brumbies with a new coaching staff and attitude. So what better way to represent this then by appointing a new face as our captain. Ben will do a good job and hopefully lead us towards a prosperous year.

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