Brumbies: Still looking forward

At the start of the year, I wrote an article on how the Brumbies would bounce back from their disastrous 2011 season and how this year would be different!

Thank god, so far, it has been a killer start to the season with the boys winning four out of six of their games, and hopefully smashing the Red’s today, with player’s like Jesse Mogg and Jow Tomane being major stand outs during games.

It’s seems that whatever Jake White is doing, he’s doing it well. While the boys are only having small wins and do have some niggling error’s when they play, they are taking it game by game, and it seems to be paying off.

The one thing that has impressed me the most so far this season is not how well the boy’s are doing, which I am impressed by, but how the fans are acting! At the start of the season when we played the Force, I heard a person sitting behind me say “They are playing just as bad as they did last season”.  It took every bone in my body not to turn around and slap them across the face, because as far as I could tell, they were playing some great Rugby.

After that game, I haven’t heard anyone say that the boys weren’t doing well.  I have been amazed since then at how the fans have reacted to our two loses. When we lost to the Sharks last week, I fully expected fans to start leaving before the whistle went like last year.  But they didn’t! A massive crowd stayed behind after the game and cheered for them.  It brought a massive smile to my face knowing that finally the fans have gotten over last season and are looking forward, like the team is.

Last week was definitely a challenge for the Brumbies; the Sharks put up a hell of a fight and were too good for us.  This week we face the Reds, and it’s going to be a challenge, and despite the Reds being severly depleted by injury they are going to be desperate for the win at home in front of their 30,000+ members.  Sorry to have to tell all you Red’s fans out there (especially you Chloe!), you’re not going to get it!

Lastly, good luck and well done to Peter Kimlin for getting to his 50th Super Rugby cap. Well deserved. Go hard Boys!


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