Wallabies OK to tweet at RWC

After the announcement last week that All Black players were banned from tweeting during the Rugby World Cup, Australian Rugby officials have announced there will be no such restrictions on the Wallabies.

Adam Ashley Cooper shirtless

Adam Ashley Cooper on Twitter

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, ARU officials were surprised New Zealand was placing the ban on their players and said they weren’t looking to do the same to the Wallabies.

”There are social media guidelines around the World Cup and what can and can’t be done, but so long as our players adhere to those we have no issues,” an ARU spokesman said. ”We’re definitely not looking to limit or reduce what our players can and can’t do through their personal Twitter accounts.

”If anything, it’s a great connection between the players and the fans.

”From our point of view, we are definitely not looking to limit their tweeting so long as they adhere to those World Cup guidelines laid out by the IRB.”

This is great news for Wallabies fans and means we will still have access to players during the most exciting competition! Great work ARU!

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