RWC media accreditation: Only for the big guys?

So as of 30 minutes ago, I received the below email from the RWC Media Operations Team;


Kia ora Irene,

Thank you for submitting your application for media accreditation for Rugby World Cup 2011.

On behalf of Rugby World Cup Limited, we regret to inform you that your application for media accreditation and media tickets for the Tournament has been declined.

Although you may still choose to attend RWC 2011, you are not authorized to work as media from within any official RWC 2011 training or match venue.

If you have further details on your application and want to appeal this decision, please contact

Thank you again for your interest, and we wish you all the best for 2011.

Yours sincerely,

RWC 2011 Media Operations Team



The rejection doesn’t really say anything other than no,  so there are some questions I would like answered RWC 2011 Media Operations Team!

1. Why was I rejected?

2. Did you even look at my website?

3. Who is receiving media accreditation?

4. Don’t you want Rugby to truely reach every audience possible?


I’m sure over the coming days I will have more questions I need answered!


Latest Update: Thanks to one of my lovely readers emailing the Media Operations Team, we have had futher clarification about the accreditation process.


Dear Amanda and Pink Rugby,

Thank you for your email about your Rugby World Cup media accreditation application.

We have reviewed it and yes we have looked at your website and tried to ascertain your media credentials but all we can determine is that “Pink Rugby is a rugby fanatic and marketing guru”. While it is an attractive site and informative site it does reveal also that Pink Rugby is essentially a blog site.

We follow IOC and other major event accreditation principles and only accredit journalists representing professional news gathering organisations.

Plus we have been inundated with applications and we simply cannot accredit and ticket everyone who applies. The majority of venues in New Zealand have small media capacities.

Therefore we have to apply a priority system and public blog sites run by enthusiasts at this moment in time are low on the priority list when you consider we have applications from international news agencies, national news agencies, major metropolitan daily newspapers, major metropolitan Sunday newspapers, major regional newspapers, international news websites, national news websites, rugby magazines, sports magazines, international and national TV stations, international and national radio stations, etc.

RWC accreditation reviews also include assessment by media departments from the Participating Unions. We asked the Australian Rugby Union to assist us with applications from Australia. It indicated to us that Pink Rugby has not been accredited for any rugby events in Australia.

Therefore at this point we cannot approve accreditation for RWC 2011 as previously stated.

RWCL Media Operations


So I guess it really does boil down to the fact that RWC Media Accreditation is ONLY for the big guys!

Don’t worry though, it won’t stop me from writing about the Rugby World Cup come September!

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