RFU places bets on Rugby World Cup

England Rugby’s Governing body, the RFU has placed bets totalling around £250,000 on England being successful at the World Cup later this year, according to the Guardian Newspaper.

The wagers have been taken out through a consortium of bookmakers to cover £2.25m of bonuses it would need to pay if England progress to the latter stages of the competition.

According to IRB regulations, this is apparently legal! Regulation 6.2 only prevents those associated with a team from betting on the result of a match or tournament.

Aren’t the Governing body associated with the team?  The RFU and the England players and coaches will surely benefit from this bet should they win.  Not only will the 30 man squad likely earn £50k in bonuses each, but the RFU will likely secure more sponsors and interest in the game like it did after the 2003 victory.

This angers me beyond belief and makes me question how they could firstly be allowed to do this and secondly how they could gamble that sort of money when it could be better spent elsewhere?

It certainly raises a lot of questions surrounding the IRB regulations and how they are interpreted and enforced!

We don’t need rugby to be damaged like so many other sports have from this kind of behaviour!

IRB get your act together and put a stop to this NOW!


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