St George Reds – A class act!

The Queensland Reds announced today that St George Bank are stepping up from their existing sponsorship deal to become the Principal Naming Rights Sponsor of the club.

It’s big news for the team but it has made me think about the lack of reaction to these and other rugby stories from the Australian media.

When the water was about to hit Brisbane in the QLD Floods crisis a few weeks ago, the Reds were the first team to step up into action.

Not only did they safeguard the hallowed turf of Ballymore through sandbagging, the team then offered their assistance at the Stafford Council sandbagging centre.

St George Reds Sandbag Ballymore during Qld Floods

St George Reds Sandbag Ballymore

The Faingaa twins also announced the donation of their first match payments from the Super Rugby season and Coach Ewen McKenzie kept us all informed about the situation within the city centre.

Once the threat had passed, the Reds medical staff offered free medical assistance to the public at Ballymore.

Yet most of this went unnoticed in the media.  With the 24 hour news cycle at the time I was bitterly disappointed to see that it was the stars from Rugby League and the AFL that got all of the attention despite (pardon the pun) coming late to the party.

And this is not the first time rugby news hasn’t been mentioned.  Even coverage of the soccer gets more airtime than rugby does.

I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that Super Rugby hasn’t been broadcast on free to air like the NRL and AFL but that still shouldn’t stop the news programs from covering the sport.

What do you think? Are you annoyed that rugby doesn’t get the coverage it deserves?

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