Meet Rugby Fan: Sarah S

Rugby Fan: Sarah S


Name: Sarah S


Nickname: Stibbzy

Favourite Team(s): Queensland Reds, Hurricanes

Favourite player(s): Phil Kearns and Saia Faingaa

Twitter: @SarahStibb


How long have you been a rugby fan?

Since I first started watching my brother play school rugby in 1998.

What/who got you into rugby?

My brother and my father. I also went to a school where rugby was the main sport.

What’s your favourite part about rugby?

The passion you can have for your team. Also, the access and involvement the players and coaches are having with their supporters. They are very appreciative and enjoy meeting fans, have open training sessions and do more things outside rugby to not only promote the game but also their team and to help the community. It is really great to see players meeting children and playing games with them, donating and raising money for charities.

What’s your fondest memories involving rugby?

I would have to say actually understanding the game, it was that moment I could really appreciate the game and understand how hard the players work to achieve their goals. I also have had the opportunity of meeting some amazing and high profile players.

What do you feel is the biggest issue in the game right now?

The perception people have is that rugby is a sport for “private school people” and league is the sport for “public schools”. Anyone can sit down and enjoy the game.

What is the biggest problem you encounter being a female rugby fan?

I believe the biggest problem would be the perception people have of female fans. If they don’t know you or sit down and have a discussion with you about rugby, they think you are only interested in the sport because of the boys and are classified as a “groupie”.

Any final words?

I believe the 2011 Super Rugby season is an amazing display of rugby talent. The three conferences are working brilliantly and it gives a chance for all supporters/fans to actually sit down and watch as many games as possible and to fully appreciate and enjoy the game.


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  1. 1

    Great profile! Sarah definitely pinpoints some troubles about misperceptions about the game and what it means to be a woman involved. Good work girls.

  2. 2

    Definitely agree there, about the problems being encountered, especially the groupie bit! Even my sister said that about me after Cape Town…

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