Meet Rugby Fan: Erin

Rugby Fan Erin

Rugby Fan: Erin


Name: Erin

Age: 24

Nickname: Ecca

Occupation: Administration Assistant

Favourite Teams: Rebels

Favourite player: Luke Rooney

Twitter: @EKGilmore


How long have you been a rugby fan?

My entire life!!

What/who got you into rugby?

My brothers playing junior rugby for Campbelltown Harlequins JURFC- started off as just the little sister who became a touch judge, coach, first aid officer, ground marshal an all around dogs body!  Being the water girl for my Older brother’s team was a highlight of my teenage years 😉

What’s your favourite part about rugby?

The atmosphere. As has been said to me- if they’re in a rugby jersey- they aren’t random! How all fans from all teams can come together and celebrate rugby is great.

What’s your fondest memories involving rugby?

All Saturdays and Sundays down at the show ground being involved with junior development. To watch my baby brother run out for first grade for the first time is a highlight, and watching the Bledisloe with the quins since 2001. It’s a Family.

What do you feel is the biggest issue in the game right now?

Referees taking advantage of the video ref too much- what happened to instinct an trusting the touchies!?

What is the biggest problem you encounter being a female rugby fan?

Having the guys think you know nothing about the game.

Any final words?




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