Meet Rugby Fan: Ann-Maree

Rugby Fan Ann-Maree with Berrick Barnes

Name: Ann-Maree Hannaford

Age: 38

Nickname: Ree

Occupation: Sales & Service, Finance Industry

Favourite Teams: Waratahs, Wallabies and Reds

Favourite player: Kurtley Beale

Twitter: @ree1973



How long have you been a rugby fan?

Since March 2011.

What/who got you into rugby?

My partner’s passion for the game.

What’s your favourite part about rugby?

The flow of the game, the atmosphere of the stadium and the fierce, yet great humoured, competition on and off the field.

What’s your fondest memories involving rugby?

The recent Classic Rugby for Christchurch, just AWESOME!

What do you feel is the biggest issue in the game right now?

It seems there’s a big issue with a consistent timing call from referees in scrums. It’s certainly interfering with the flow of the game. AND it would be fantastic to see rugby, men’s and women’s comps, televised at a normal time on free TV.

What is the biggest problem you encounter being a female rugby fan?

As a fan, I don’t feel I have encountered any problems. Time will tell though…

Any final words?

Firstly, witnessing Irene’s recent media rejection for the RBC has angered me, because this lady is a talented journalist and commentator when it comes to rugby. Secondly, thank you Corey for introducing me to a great game! Finally, GO THE TAHS!!!



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