Matt Stevens sniffs comeback

Matt Stevens after cocain ban

Matt Stevens returns to rugby after two year Cocaine ban

Matt Stevens has made his comeback after a two-year ban for cocaine use today playing for Saracen’s Storm (A team) in a 39-29 victory against London Wasps.

The England and Lions prop failed a drugs test in December 2008 when playing for Bath, the subsequent two-year ban in 2009 made headlines around the world.

This was just the beginning of a number of high profile incidents that have tarnished rugby’s reputation in recent years and I for one hope the trend does not continue.

For many years I was a smug rugby union supporter and would look down my nose at those who supported Rugby League, AFL or soccer.  I proudly quoted that rugby was a hooligans game played by gentleman and you would never see those sort of antics in ‘our’ code.

Since then we have seen Bloodgate (Harlequins winger Tom Williams used a blood cap to ensure a tactical substitution in the Heineken match v Leinster) and Quade Cooper charged with burglary.

Though the charges were later withdrawn, it still made me think that somehow rugby wasn’t as pure as I wanted it to be.

What are your thoughts? Do you think rugby is heading towards the way of the other codes or were these just one-off incidents?

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