Ian Nimmo

Since Scotland are perilously close to the bottom of the Six Nations championship, I have dedicated this week’s award to Scottish player, Ian Nimmo! Enjoy the Celtic goodness!

Ian Nimmo shirtless



Player Stats

D.O.B:  July 25, 1985

Height:  2.01m

Nickname: Nimmo

Position:  Lock

Rugby Team:  Cornish Pirates

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Irene Watt is a rugby fanatic and marketing expert. Having played the game herself, she understands the passion that drives rugby players and enthusiasts alike. She has travelled the world and catches a game live whenever possible. Her favourite all time player is George Smith. Follow Irene on Twitter!


  1. Gunderson McGillicuddy says:

    Is the above photo really Ian Nimmo? I’ve seen other photos where he looks more hirsute than this. If it really is him, I can die happy…

  2. Dayum!

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