David Jackson

We have a special Friday night Player of the Week award to give out thanks to the fabulous Nottingham Rugby Photographer, Alison Bowden (Follow on Twitter @alisonbow).

David Jackson shirtless

David Jackson – Photo: Alison Bowden

Everybody meet David Jackson from Nottingam Rugby.  All I can say is wow, look at that six pack! David attributes his excellent condition to supplements supplied to the club by NRGFUEL and the Ab Circle Pro. You can follow David on Twitter @JackoNR

Player Stats

D.O.B:  May 28, 1982

Height:  1.78m

Nickname:  Jacko/Abs/Bant/Chuck (as in Norris)

Position:  Fullback/Wing

Rugby Team:  Nottingham

And just because we can, have a look at the picture of David with two of his teammates, Jack Cobden and Tim Streather.

Jack Cobden, David Jackson, Tim Streather shirtless

Nottingham Players: Jack Cobden, David Jackson,Tim Streather – Photo Alison Bowden

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